Personality Analyses

Apart from qualifications, the right job and work environment are the basis of successful business. ProM² offers you two very different approaches to get to know yourself better.

Master EASI Analysis

Know exactly what drives your people and leverage the power of diversity EASI enables HR professionals and people managers to turn human differences into business advantages and establish high-performance environments, where all personality types can excel.

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Master Person Analysis (MPA)

The Master Person Analysis is a tested and scientifically established instrument. It captures and describes the personality with respect to work behavior. The evaluation is presented in nine dimensions and 28 deduced characteristics

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Master Sales Skills Analysis (MSA)

A 360° sales skills test for recruitment and goal-oriented development of sales staff.
Master Sales Skills Analysis (MSA) is the world's only sales skills test optimized for 360° measurements, which now also allows the test user to measure the way in which the customer experiences the skills of the sales person.
The test is intended for use by the company marketing and sales management alone or in cooperation with the HR department.

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