Master Sales Skills Analysis (MSA)

A development tool

  • Besides being an excellent supplement to sales staff recruitment, Master Sales Skills Analysis (MSA) is a development tool, which through analysis and scoring reveals the SKILLS of the sales person during every stage of the sales process. (thus here we are not dealing with a personality test, for which Master Management has other tools, e.g. Master Person Analysis (MPA).
  • Master Sales Skills Analysis (MSA) assists sales management and training personnel in revealing the specific areas where sales personnel need to develop their skills and competencies. Through a rapid survey and an easily understandable scoring form, the test results reveal in which specific skills areas the company needs to invest in training.

Also a tool for individual use

  • MSA shows which sales persons are in need of training and in what areas their skills should be developed. Once the sales management has evaluated the test, the results are examined together with the sales person/persons, subsequent to which this forms the basis of the training needed – individual or in groups.