Master EASI Analysis

Know exactly what drives your people and leverage the power of diversity. EASI enables HR professionals and people managers to turn human differences into business advantages and establish high-performance environments, where all personality types can excel.
Successful businesses today are built on high-performing teams. But globalisation, digitalisation, work-from-home solutions and many other factors make the task of ensuring optimal working conditions for the employees increasingly difficult. Especially because team members and managers often do not have a common language to express what makes them excited, thrilled or stressed.
EASI is a new leadership tool. Intuitive personality testing and evaluation quickly gives you an insight into what idiosyncrasies determine the dynamics of your employees and teams. Finally, you have the tool to turn the celebrated concept of “diversity” into a genuine business edge.

Trust the facts: Work it out

As part of the METIS platform, EASI is the logical move for organizations that want to build decisions on the objective strength of data. 64 + 64 questions and a unique algorithm create a better understanding of employee communication, relational challenges, personality-behaviour correlation, change management issues and much, much more. EASI gives you and your teams the words to talk about people-related situations at work. The result is new agreements and smart ways to ensure efficient usage of both potential and resources. You get

  • Objective personality testing for all learning and development purposes
  • A hands-on tool and new language for meeting day-to-day relation-based challenges
  • Precise data on employee behaviour, employee motivation and the gap between the two
  • A crisp, visual overview of employees’ current level of work satisfaction

EASI is the missing link that empowers you to target workforce planning and eliminate luck in successful people management. Make the most of your organisational diversity and ensure uniquely targeted talent management.