Human Resource Consulting

In a time of rapid change, factors such as time, costs, product quality and, above all, employee quality play a decisive role in optimising business processes. Therefore the secret to successful strategies lies in good interaction of these forces. Our task to assist persons in companies responsible to bundle and coordinate these forces and to align them with the respective objectives.

  • Executive Search:
    Our contribution in this context is to relieve and support companies in selected branches in searching for and selecting specialist and management personnel.
  • Personnel Development:
    As part of personnel development work we compare the required requirements profile with the performance and capabilities profiles of the employees to be assessed and in this way define further training measures needed and development goals.
  • Outplacement / Newplacement:
    One further main element of our work is to assist employees who wish to or must newly orientate themselves professionally, with both words and deeds, to be able to present themselves as a "success product" to a future employer.