Change Communication

  • Internal and external communication
  • Understanding the media
  • Interview and media training

Change means communication. As a matter of fact, a process of change won’t happen without trust into the management – and trust is mainly built by communication. Who doesn’t state clearly one’s goals and objectives won’t motivate employees. Who doesn’t present convincingly why one’s products and services are something special and extraordinary won’t inspire clients. Internal and external communication is therefore an essential factor for the commercial success of every company.

We support this process by providing...

  • PR- and communication concepts (internal and external)
  • Interview and media training with a practical orientation
  • Direct contact with relevant journalists
  • Conception and design of customer and corporal newsletters, folders and brochures
  • Seminars in how to deal successfully with journalists and the media


  • Analysis of the starting situation
    • Current position of the company
    • Brand definition
    • Market and environmental analysis

  • Definition of strategic goals
    • Media positioning
    • Definition of target groups (internal/external)
    • Wording of key messages

  • Implementation
    • Identification and conception of relevant issues
    • Press materials (press kits, image brochures, etc.)
    • Direct contact with journalists
    • Organization and assistance of interviews, press conferences, etc.